Born Giuseppe Fonti, FONTI on the decks. DJ class 1991, originally from Lipari (Aeolian Islands), volcanic like his origins, he takes his energy and explosiveness to his DJ sets worldwide. The artist borrows his tones from House music and combines them with every genre, adding his personal touch. He has collaborated with over 120 international artists, including Bob Sinclair and Anfysa Letyago, and his music is listened to in over 100 countries. Besides Europe, he has also conquered the United States, Asia, and Africa. His merchandise range, drawing inspiration from the Aeolian Islands and the city of Milan, has been very successful, selling out for two years in a row. Not surprisingly, well-known companies in the fashion industry, such as Armani Exchange and Iceberg, have sought to collaborate with him. His future goal is to spread his music worldwide, always looking for new inputs that can contribute to the evolution of his artistic career. THIS IS FONTI.